A belated Happy New Year

At last I can wish my reader a “Happy New Year”!  Testing positive for Covid on Jan 1st was not a great start to the year, and it’s taken a while to get back to feeling anything like normal.  Anyway, I’m back now, and keen to pass on my photographic ideas. Today’s post is all […]

Happy Christmas!

Just a quick message to my readers to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year. Our Christmas tree at home has white LEDs on it.  Just for a change I tried a different Light Painting mode on my Huawei mobile phone; Traffic Trails.  My usual Silky Water mode gave […]

Just look around you.

As we move into the darker and colder days of winter it’s easy to fall into bad habits and stop looking for images, or say, “It’s all a bit grey, so I’ll leave my camera at home”!  Remember though, even if you don’t go out much, there are still loads of photographic subjects, some even […]

Same subject, different views.

On a recent trip to Pembrokeshire one landscape feature really stood out.  It was the Valero oil refinery at Pembroke. It was tempting, in a landscape that has fabulous coastal scenery, to ignore it as a photographic subject, but it’s such a prominent feature it’s worth a closer look. Looking at it from the Angle […]

Up close and personal (Warning – Spiders!)

We’ve got the builders in, so I need to be around the house all day to answer questions and advise.  This means my photographic radius is somewhat reduced.  It’s like lockdown but much more expensive and noisier! I could still have a wander round the house and garden with my macro lens.  It’s surprising what […]

5000 reasons to take pictures

I recently went to the athletics at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.  They had some curious rules about the size of lenses that spectators could take in.  No lenses longer than 12 inches were allowed.  I’m guessing they were concerned about people using long telephoto lenses and taking close up images to sell to agencies.  […]

It’s all a matter of further perspective

I recently attended a concert at the fascinating Pershore abbey.  It’s suffered a bit over the centuries, and one side is held up with several flying buttresses.  I had some time to kill before the start of the concert, so wandered around and took a shot of the abbey with my mobile phone.  There is […]

Pylon the pressure

On a walk with a friend on a lovely sunny day recently we came across a large electricity pylon.  The appearance of pylons divides people, but whether you like them or not it’s worth looking up and seeing if there are any images to be found. The sun was shining through the glass insulators on […]

March macro mayhem

A friend recently gave me a bellows attachment.  Bellows allow you to get the lens away from the camera body, and this gives you more magnification.  It was made for an M42 screw-thread mount camera system (think 1950/60’s Pentax or Praktica), so making it work with my Olympus MFT system needed an adapter. Having done […]

A belated “Happy New Year”!

At last we are in the year where it will all be better.  Well, I hope so anyway!  Since my last post we have had the Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Day.  I hope yours went well. One thing I did at Christmas was to go to the Worcester Cathedral Christmas Tree Festival.  There were […]