Selfie expression

There was a TV programme on this week about the selfie craze.  It’s something that has come from almost nowhere, to be the thing that you just have to do when you are out and about.  It’s then got to be posted on social media.  Some argue that it feeds a need for the new […]

A cathedral but no cathedra.

I recently I gave my “Movement in Photography” talk to Salisbury Camera Club.  I had a chance to wander round the cathedral before my talk.  It was a lovely clear evening, so I took the chance to test my phone camera for night photography. This was a while after sunset, in the so-called “Blue Hour”.  […]

“His art is in the right place”

I recently went to the Jeff Koons sculpture exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  It was a bit of a coup to get such a prominent artist to give a show there.  Koons is famous for being very kitsch, and also famous for very high prices, and I wasn’t sure if I would like […]

“steady your device”

I recently updated my phone to Pie, the latest version of Android.  It also updated my phone camera software, and the settings were all in different places!  It took a while to find one of my favourites which is the “Silky Water” light painting mode.  It’s designed to be used with the camera held still, […]

Life’s a bit up and down at the moment

When we are out and about photographing the temptation is to keep our eyes looking at, well, eye level.  It does stop us bumping into people, but it means we miss so much. I reckon that if you visit a town and ask passing pedestrians what the best thing is about the tops of their […]

Merry Christmas!

  I would like to wish all of you a phabulously photographic Christmas and a creative New Year! Be careful if you have too much alcohol at your parties as your images may turn out a bit odd, like this one… Actually it’s an Olympus “Live Composite” portrait taken at an RPS workshop. The mode […]

A “design for living”? Perhaps more for working?

I was in Manchester recently and had to drive into the heart of the city.  The one-way system seems designed to keep cars out, rather than helping traffic circulation but I got there in the end.  The (very nice) hotel I was in had windows that opened fully, which gave me a chance to continue […]

The light in the garden is bokehlicious!

I’m lucky enough to live in a house that has a south-facing garden.  That means that at this time of year the low angle of the sun compared to the summer brings fresh photographic perspectives.  An early season frost that’s lit by the sun soon melts into a myriad of little backlit water droplets.  A […]

Blue is not the warmest colour…

…even though a 2013 film title would have you think otherwise. We perceive colours towards the red end of the spectrum as being warmer than those at the blue end of the spectrum.  This is a bit of a paradox as the redder the light the cooler the actual temperature.   Objects at very high temperature […]

I’ve really mist you!

It’s autumn, and we have entered, to quote Keats, the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”.  Mist and haze are great things for landscape photography as they can add mood and depth to your images.  Perfect visibility is wonderful, but it can leave your images a bit flat. This image of Langdale in the UK’s […]