It was a moving experience

Last week I led my final 2019 photography holiday for HF Holidays.  It was up in the Lake District at their Monk Coniston house near Coniston Water.  (It’s a curious anomaly that only one body of water in the Lake District is called something Lake, or Lake something – Google it).  The holiday was all […]

Our eyes don’t see in rectangles

I don’t know about you, but my eyes don’t see things framed by rectangles.  Cameras, on the other hand, do see in rectangles and we have to take that into account when we take a photograph.  Having forced the view of the world into the rectangle defined by our camera sensor, you can use the […]

Pattern pictures or Patton pictures?

I recently went to a dinner to raise money for Normandy veterans.  As well as the veterans there were some World War 2 re-enactors.  One in particular stood out as he was the absolute spit of controversial WW2 General George S Patton.  The level of detail he had gone to to replicate Patton’s equipment was […]

One or two or three?

Last week I was leading a photography holiday in Cornwall.  On one day I had a chance to go for a walk between St Ives and Lelant, via Carbis Bay.  It was fabulous weather with bright sunshine and a good breeze. Near to Carbis Bay the view from the cliffs was stunning.  There were just […]

Crossing the Rubicon.

Well, it’s actually the River Severn between England and Wales, but the point is the same.  This river has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, so crossing it has always been a bit challenging.  It has fast currents, and from time to time a tidal bore, which is well worth seeking out.  […]

“Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.”

Last week I led a photography holiday in Brecon, Wales, for HF Holidays.  I had been checking the weather forecast for the week and had been a little bit apprehensive about how we might be affected.  There was rain forecast, and heavy rain at that.  I had a fallback position, but there’s only so much […]

A steam-powered gin palace!

I recently led another photography holiday for HF Holidays.  One of the places we visited was the Shropshire town of Bridgnorth.  It’s famous for having a heritage railway line; the Severn Valley Railway.  Like every tourist attraction they are always thinking of new ways to attract people.  On the day we were there the “Gin […]

Photography is not about the camera

People sometimes say to me things like: “You take great photos.  You must have a really good camera.”  I do have some sophisticated cameras that allow me to take photos in a wide range of lighting conditions, but the real secret to better photography is about using your eyes and brain, not about using a […]

Another HF holiday led

Last week I was leading another HF Holidays photography holiday.  This time it was down in Somerset, and was all about landscape photography.  To my mind “landscape photography” is not only about the big view but also the small details that make up that view.  A macro image can be landscape. The guests were great […]

The fifth wettest March in the UK since records began

It’s April now, so folks will be going on about April showers.  Well, we had a lot of rain in March!  It was, according to the Met Office, the fifth wettest March on record.  Not, you would think, conducive to photography.  I might disagree with that.  Rain, and overcast days, are great for photography.  Blue […]